On April 26th, Get The People teamed up with Balanced Fashion and global movement, Fashion Revolution Week 2018 for an evening of rich discussion, fashion and community: How The Power of Brand Storytelling Can Reshape the Future of Sustainable Fashion.

The event went down at the stunning Freehold Brooklyn space featuring a killer lineup of conscious fashion pop-up brands – Emme by Korina, Take Me Alive, Jibs Life, and Querencia Studio.  

Of course ALL the love and thanks to our rockstar panel of experts paving the way to a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry – Dana Davis, Director Sustainability of Mara Hoffman, Shivam Punjya, Founder of Behno, Tabea Soriano, Founder of Futuremade, Scott Tatelman, Cofounder of StateBags moderated by event organizer and Get The People Cofounder, Megan Murphy-Bratich.

With facts like fashion and textiles are the second most polluting industry in the world buzzing around you’d think sustainable fashion would be the norm. Movements like Fashion Revolution are here to remind us that unfortunately this just isn’t the case yet.

Our goal for this event was to explore why a brands ethical story isn’t necessarily the ‘brand story’ and to hear from experts as to why more people aren’t being reached, and to provide guidance on how the sustainable fashion movement can look to connect with a broader more main stream audience.

Panelists were in agreement that that these days doing good, is good for business, but the key is product first.

Sure social mission and being environmentally responsible are critical but isn’t enough to attract consumers. You’ve got to lead with a great product and a unique brand story that resonates with your audience, then bake in the good to build loyalty. Further, being a conscious brand shouldn’t be special – if we’re making progress then this should be the norm.

The nubmers are in, people do want to buy from brands connected to a good cause and to put their money wher their heart is, but they also have to love the product and connect with the brand itself.  

All in all the take away from the evening was super postive.There is a lot of work to be done but there is incrideble progress being made. Movements such as Fashion Revolution and mission driven fashion brands such as the ones on our panel and in the audience continue to support the circular economy, raise awareness and bring about positive change in the fashion industry.


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We also put together a few directories of Sustainable / Ethical Brands: The Good WearThe Kind Guide, and Sustainable Fashion Directory

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