If you missed it, you missed out. On April 25th, 2018 we hosted our annual  Fashion Revolution Week panel & pop-up event. Huge shout out to our gracious host, The Assemblage for sharing their stunning space and all their help in making this event happen.

It goes without saying, we could not be more grateful to our incredible panel of conscious leaders and fashion experts; Ryan Babenzien, CEO of GreatsNina Faulhaber, Co-founder of ADAYTabea Soriano, Founder of FuturemadeNina Farran, Founder of FashionKind, and moderator, Megan Murphy-Bratich, Co-founder Get The People.

With facts like fashion and textiles are the second most polluting industry in the world buzzing around you’d think sustainable fashion would be the norm. Movements like Fashion Revolution are here to remind us that unfortunately this just isn’t the case yet.

Our goal was to discuss how these brands were being sustainble, beyond a headline and materials but in all areas of business. Also, where are we headed, are we making progress and what can we all do as business owners and consumer to help build a more conscious society.

// Words captured for the future //

  • No company or person for that matter is truly “sustainable”. It’s a journey and simply about making often harder, but better choices   
  • We’re all in this together and its best to be transparent, nonjudgemental and inclusive
  • Yes, the sustainable / conscious movement is TRENDY but we owe it to future generations to keep this fire roaring and make this trend here to stay
  • Product first! It’s critical for sustainable and ethical brands to lead with strong brand identity and product. Your sustainable story comes second – maybe even third. 
  • Time for consumers to step up. This can’t be a one-sided mission and we have to start putting our money where our hearts are. 
  • Running a responsible business comes down to common sense – don’t use single use plastic, pay employees well, make a product that will last, do the best that you can to minimize waste.
  • Being sustainable isn’t a marketing headline or materials, it touches every aspect of your business, from operations to wages, transportation, systems, and culture.
  • Buy better. Buy less

The nubmers are in, people do want to buy from brands connected to a good cause and to put their money wher their heart is, but they also have to love the product and connect with the brand itself.  


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We also put together a few directories of Sustainable / Ethical Brands: The Good WearThe Kind Guide, and Sustainable Fashion Directory

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