Relive The Night: Dinner & Discussion, Good For Your Life, The Planet & Your Belly

We are constantly inundated with the latest causes of cancer and the connection to the food we eat and elements we’re exposed to in our everyday lives. We’re told to watch out for toxins, chemicals, that we shouldn’t eat meat, use plastic tupperware, or drink the water. We are meant to watch out for pesticides, parabens, GMOs, carcinogens, the list literally goes on and on.

So what can we do about it?! How can we limit our exposure and protect ourselves and our families from the toxins that live literally everywhere from our toothpaste to our food and water?  

Get The People Impact Event, Hosted at Habitas NYC Clubhouse

On July 18th Get The People partnered up with Habitas NYC to host a dinner and discussion to get some answers. Our goal was to cut through all the noise and gain a deeper understanding around what harmful toxins exist in our daily lives and how we can look to limit our exposure, live more sustainably and be empowered to make the right choices for ourselves and our families.

To do this we teamed up with health and wellness advocate and speaker, Christine Dimmick, author of ‘Detox Your Home‘ and CEO/Founder of The Good Home Company, for a little Q&A around how to remove these toxins and bring health into our homes.

For the dinner we of course wanted to walk-the-walk and were thrilled to spotlight Culinary Futurist, Ashley Frunzi who prepared a mouth-watering 4-course iItalian vegan dinner experience. 

Get The People Impact Event with Christine Dimmick

Christine Dimmick, Author Detox Your Home, CEO/Founder The Good Home Company

4-Course Vegan Italian Dinner Experience

We kicked the evening off with a word from the chef! Culinary Futurist Ashley Frunzi shared a bit about her journey and how her older sister was the inspiration and catalyst to her now decade-long career as a personal vegan chef and nutritionist to some of New York’s most influential industry leaders and icons.

Ashley is a true master of creating magical plant-based food that is not only good for our bodies but also the planet. Her advice for introducing healthy foods was simple and attainable – start slow.

The point is to start moving in the right direction. An easy tip for eating vegan food that goes beyond a salad – look to Asian cuisine such as Indian and Thai for delicious flavors, seasoning and sauses that pack a punch for even your most dedicated meat eaters.

Culinary Futurist, Ashley Frunzi with husband and partner, Jason Maggard.

Get The People Impact Event

Can we say YUM? There was no shortage of nom nom sounds and food dances throughout each course. It was a true foodies experience and evident that Ashley lives and breathes her craft. It is clear she has much to offer in the culinary world and to our own education around how to make smart food choices that are both delicious and sustainable. 


Megan Murphy-BratichMegan Murphy-Bratich Cofounder Get The People

With our taste buds buzzing we were eager to dive into the discussion at hand. Our featured speaker and guest, Author of ‘Detox Your Home’ Christine Dimmick began by sharing her incredible story of how she pioneered the movement to natural home cleaning products more than 20 years ago in her NYC kitchen.

The Good Home Company was well on it’s way as a fotune 500 company and Christine thought this was her journey, but as life would have it, this was just the beginning. Not only did she learn that three of her dear friends and family were diagnosed with cancer, but that she herself had breast cancer.

While she was fortunate to have a speedy recovery from cancer, she wasn’t able to move past the overwhelming truths she uncovered during her time in treatment. She was shocked by the number of deadly toxins found in our day-to-day products and in all of our homes. The worst part is no one is properly regulating or watching out for our health and we the consumers are paying the ultimate price.

This information compelled Christine to go on a journey to discover exactly what we are all at risk of being exposed to and share it with the world.

Megan MurphyBratich, Get The People Impact Event

Diving into the Q&A we touched on each major area of her recent book, Detox Your Home, learning about regulations (or the lack there of), food and product labels, detoxing your skin, from face and body creams, beauty and dental products to our kitchen, pesitcides, meat, water, cookware, detergents, cleaners, to our wardrobes, pillows and even our electronics and children’s toys.

Get The People Impact Event

Left, Rad Bratich, Cofounder Get The People

To say the evening was an eye-opening experience would be an understatement.

Christine is a vault of information and facts, sharing with such passion and grace that created a tangible energy, leaving us feeling empowered and hungry to learn more.

We are truly grateful to everyone who joined us for this special night! You all brought such amazing energy and openness. We had a blast meeting each of you and hope you left feeling empowered and excited to take control of your health.  

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JULY 18: Dinner & Discussion – Good For Your Life, The Planet, & Your Belly – Habitas NYC

Join us on July 18th for an intimate evening of friend making, 4-course vegan food magic, and an eye-opening discussion on sustainable living and how to remove harmful toxins lurking in our daily lives and learn how to bring health into our homes.


This time around we’re teaming up with Habitas NYC to bring you an intimate dining experience where we’ll hear from Christine Dimmick, health and wellness speaker and advocate, Founder/CEO of The Good Home Company and author of Detox Your Home. Christine will guide us through a deep and eye-opening discussion around sustainable living, our environmental footprint, and how to limit our exposure to harmful toxins and take back control of our health.

From food, water, fashion and kitchen goods, to personal care and cleaning products— even common household items like phones and childrens’ toys, we’ll learn their impact on our health and how we can be the change for wellness. 

Christine Dimmick and Get The People

Christine Dimmick, Author Detox Your Home and CEO, The Good Home Company

Christine pioneered the movement to natural home cleaning products more than 20 years ago in her NYC kitchen. She and Good Home products have been featured on O Magazine, Instyle, Dr. Oz, and House Beautiful, and she has made appearances on the Today Show. You can learn more about her incredible work and story at




6:30pm – 7:30pm: Networking & Wine
Rub elbows with other awesome people who love food, their bodies, life, the planet and building businesses for good. 

7:30pm: Seated for Dinner & A Word from The Chef
We’ll be seated for dinner and get a personal walk-through of the vegan menu from our featured chef and culinary futurist, Ashley Frunzi. 

8pmDinner, Speaker & Discussion
Listen, learn, ask, discuss. We’ll learn about the toxins, products, food, fashion, and how all of these effect our lives, health and the planet. We’ll dive into open discussion and discover key takeaways for building health into our lives and homes. 



Megan Murphy-Bratich & Rad Bratich Founders of Get The People

Megan Murphy-Bratch and Rad Bratich, Cofounders of Get The People

We created the Impact Series to spotlight the heroic people and brands building businesses for good and changing the world.

We’re excited to bring you speakers, panels, dinner parties and other community activations where we’ll cover a variety of business, social, and environmental topics ranging rom from sustainable lifestyle, fashion, human rights, health and wellness, politics, to technology.

Each event experience will create the space for; social community (let’s laugh, dance, dine, connect), building awareness (let’s get smarter together), thoughtful conversation (because you know things), and featured speakers and panels (let’s learn and change the world).

We can’t wait to meet you at the next event! 


Day: July 18, Thursday
Time: 6:30pm –10:30pm
Location: Habitas NYC, 240 West Street, NY

Visit the official event page for further information and to RSVP! 

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Get The People & Fashion Revolution – Event Highlights

On April 26th, Get The People teamed up with Balanced Fashion and global movement, Fashion Revolution Week 2018 for an evening of rich discussion, fashion and community: How The Power of Brand Storytelling Can Reshape the Future of Sustainable Fashion.

The event went down at the stunning Freehold Brooklyn space featuring a killer lineup of conscious fashion pop-up brands – Emme by Korina, Take Me Alive, Jibs Life, and Querencia Studio.  

Of course ALL the love and thanks to our rockstar panel of experts paving the way to a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry – Dana Davis, Director Sustainability of Mara Hoffman, Shivam Punjya, Founder of Behno, Tabea Soriano, Founder of Futuremade, Scott Tatelman, Cofounder of StateBags moderated by event organizer and Get The People Cofounder, Megan Murphy-Bratich.

With facts like fashion and textiles are the second most polluting industry in the world buzzing around you’d think sustainable fashion would be the norm. Movements like Fashion Revolution are here to remind us that unfortunately this just isn’t the case yet.

Our goal for this event was to explore why a brands ethical story isn’t necessarily the ‘brand story’ and to hear from experts as to why more people aren’t being reached, and to provide guidance on how the sustainable fashion movement can look to connect with a broader more main stream audience.

Panelists were in agreement that that these days doing good, is good for business, but the key is product first.

Sure social mission and being environmentally responsible are critical but isn’t enough to attract consumers. You’ve got to lead with a great product and a unique brand story that resonates with your audience, then bake in the good to build loyalty. Further, being a conscious brand shouldn’t be special – if we’re making progress then this should be the norm.

The nubmers are in, people do want to buy from brands connected to a good cause and to put their money wher their heart is, but they also have to love the product and connect with the brand itself.  

All in all the take away from the evening was super postive.There is a lot of work to be done but there is incrideble progress being made. Movements such as Fashion Revolution and mission driven fashion brands such as the ones on our panel and in the audience continue to support the circular economy, raise awareness and bring about positive change in the fashion industry.


Join the Fashion Revolution >

We also put together a few directories of Sustainable / Ethical Brands: The Good WearThe Kind Guide, and Sustainable Fashion Directory

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